STR 15, INT 11, WIS 14, DEX 16, CON 12, CHR 13

5 HP, AC 5/3, Align NG
Items: Thief Tools, Long Sword, Chain Mail

“My name is Reginald, son of…” [he goes on with a lengthy, boring recitation describing his descent from a thoroughly mediocre bloodline. It’s obvious that he doesn’t do this from any pride or self importance, though, but simply because That’s How Things Are Always Done.] “I’ve lived all my life in Elvenhome, in the GreatWood, but I wanted to see more. I always thought there was so much more to the world beyond the trees and fields and gardens of home. My father told me there was nothing worth seeing beyond Elvenhome. I fear we are both right. Still, there is beauty and grace in the Wide World, but seemingly only available to those with large quantities of money. What a paradox! But I digress.
“I’m handy with a sword. While I don’t really consider myself a thief, I certainly don’t belong to any guilds or anything, but I do have certain skills. I can open doors that would rather remain closed, move about without making noise, that sort of thing. Would you find that useful?”



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