The next room - Anzovin

slow but steady progress

Matt (GM): 15′ × 15′ bedroom. It has a bed, a chest, and a desk and chair. The bed is nicely made. There is a nice woven rug spread on the floor of the room. Hanging above the bed is a small painting of a family: a man, a woman, and three children, ages ~5, ~9, and an infant.
(see revealed area to the left on the map)
Jeff G.: Don’t suppose we recognize anyone in the painting. Not a VIP or celebrity.
Matt (GM): Nope, no one recognizes them at all
Jeff G.: Scar makes a beeline for the chest
James H.: Well, this place is obviously not abandoned
Matt (GM): The chest is not locked. Inside the chest are a lot of personal effects, including a nice hand woven leather belt is a gold and silver buckle. It has a dolphin above a wave in raised gold on a silver background. The belt itself was blue and aquamarine woven together.
There is a thick layer of dust on everything, so it has been a LONG time since this stuff was disturbed
(that’s true of the whole dungeon
James H.: ah, OK. that was missing from your description
Matt (GM): Yes, it was
Jeff G.: Scar will remove the buckle from the belt.
Matt (GM): probalby worth 30-50 sp, not bad
Sitting on a shelf near the bed is a small book of prayers. There is a very nice leather scroll case in the bottom of the chest. In the scroll case are 3 scrolls.
Jeff G.: The people in the painting- human I assume?
Matt (GM): Yes, all 5 human
James H.: Brother Maynard wants to inspect the book of prayers
Thaniel wants to exam the scrolls
Matt (GM): The book is a standard prayer book for Clerics of Femalo, the God of the Seas/Water
It is well used
but well taken care of
James H.: So, this is most likely a cleric’s abode
Matt (GM): Teh scrolls:
One has very childlike drawings on it with the words “Love Tirach” scrawled.
Jeff G.: Reg will casually wander over and take a look at the desk
Matt (GM): One is a nice note from an 8 or 9 year old to his father. It talks about dad going away and serving the Lord. That one day I’ll see you again in the land of the dead. Etc. Signed “Your Son Benrus”.
On the desk is a piece of parchment with the following note: “Dearest Juliene, The time is coming for me to leave this world and be with Lord Andap. I have thought about you and our children often and I pray daily for your safety. I know that you all are well and will be taken care of. If, somehow, you should get this note, be assured that I do still love you and I know that we will meet again in the land of the dead. I will spend tonight praying under the full moon and tomorrow we shall die. My beloved, do not weep for me but know that I die in the service of our lord. Love, Anzovin.” Sitting on top of the note is a silver ring with a small sapphire set in it.
THe final scroll has:
The most touching is from Anzovin’s wife. “Dearest Anzovin, I love you and will miss you. I will always be your faithful wife. The kids and I will miss you, but I understand that you are serving Femalo and you can count on our unity in his service. All the people in Brambak have offered us their support and help. Do not worry about us but see to your duties. If you get a chance to look up at a full moon, know that we will be sitting out under that same moon and thinking about you. I have to go now before I get to sentimental. Go in peace and know that we will be taken care of. Love Juliene your ever faithful wife. PS – Maria also loves you” and there is the hand print of an infant.
James H.: very touching
Matt (GM): The ring is worth anohter 100 sp, give or take
Jeff G.: Scara mutters something about how they sure sold him a bill of goods.
James H.: OOC: you mentioned Lord Andap, then Femalo. Two separate beings or did you make an error there?
Matt (GM): two seperate beings
James H.: ok
Matt (GM): nice to make sure I got it right
the two will become more distinct as you progress through the dungeon
You all do recognize the name Brambak. It is a largeish town on the main lake in teh middle of the inhabited area of this island
Sort of a center of commerce and such for the area
probably 2-300 miles from here down river (from Plimdoc)
James H.: So, Anzovin is a cleric of Femalo and is serving Lord Andap
Matt (GM): yes, that is the gist of the information you just got
plus some of his family relationships
James H.: OK, just so it is clear
Jeff G.: Wrong tense. “Was” not “is”
Matt (GM): And that is all the text I have prepared for this room
James H.: OOC: so, take the prayer book ad scrolls along with us or leave them here?
Matt (GM): Not sure that is truely OOC
Jeff G.: Are they valuable?
Matt (GM): I see that being a very valid discussion for the 6 characters
James H.: I doubt they have monetary value but they may be important later, information-wise
OK, in character then
Matt (GM): either way
James H.: Brother Maynard is asking
Jeff G.: Scar doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them. If someone else wants to lug them around…
Matt (GM): Lareniel see no big difference either way. Taking them is not a problem so if we want to, lets do it
Kodana thinks they are touching and would be willing to carry them
James H.: All yours then, Kodana
Matt (GM): I assume Scar has already pocketed the ring and the buckle?
unless someone else grabbed (or watched) the ring first
Jeff G.: of course
Matt (GM): If you hadn’t figured it out, it’s probably a wedding ring
anything else in here?
Jeff G.: don’t think so, but I’m not thinking particularly well at the moment
James H.: I think we are done in the room
Matt (GM): you’ve gotten all the info I know of out of this room
James H.: did anyone check under the bed for anything?
Matt (GM): No, but there isn’t anything there anyway
Jeff G.: I saw an ogre under the bed, but he held his finger to his lips so I didn’t say anything
Matt (GM): good plan, don’t piss off the ogre
James H.: do not meddle in the affairs of ogres because … I got nothin’
Jeff G.: I’m sorry, I’m about to drop off, I’ve had a long hard day today.
Matt (GM): you are crunchy and good with ketchup



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