There are two primary religions on the Island, plus a polyglot of the two.

In the east there is a single high cleric for each of the Deities. With the Supreme Cleric of Naggel being the first among equals of the high clerics.

The 9 gods that are worshiped are:

Name Realm Colors Symbol
Wetlan Sky and Weather Sky blue and white Eagle, Lightening
Irlebon Nature Green and brown of a forest Deer
Femalo Waters Blue and green of the sea Wave, Dolphin
Trebo Sun and Fire Yellow and black The Sun
Nyluva Revenge Blood red and yellow Drop of Blood on Yellow field
Livon Agriculture Golden wheat and green Wheat Stalk
Muratin Magic Black and silver 360 Yin-Yang
Vai Knowledge and Healing White Book, Bandage
Ozai Dead Grey Skull, Skeleton

In the west the structure is much less formal and there is no “high cleric” for the religion in general. Most clerics are clerics of the religion, not of a particular god.

Name Realm
Admi God of Streams
Akyxu God of Drinking
Anum Goddess of Beauty
Bhege Goddess of Fertility
Chamosh God of Rain
Dugbod God of War
Ekuing God of Forest
Flayr God of Healing
Gerodi Goddess of Rocks
Iurilo God of Oceans
Ingru Goddess of Animals
Kaazosan God of Sun
Kolade God of Moons
Mulingu Goddess of Death
Mikru God of Trees
Molox God of Creativity
Pangua God of Thunder
Rafus God of Luck
Sarod God of Panic
Tavule God of Sky
Turcula Goddess of Earth
Zerimd God of the Wild


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