Half-elven Ranger/Druid


Half-elven 1st level Ranger/Druid
S: 16 (0/1), I: 10, W: 17 (2 1st level spells, +2 2nd level spells, +1 3rd level spell), D:16 (AC -2), C: 15 (1 HP), Ch: 15
True neutral
AC: 4/2 (chain and shield)
HP: 9
Bastard Sword: 2d4/2d8 THAC0: 20
Long Bow: 1d6+1/1d6, THAC0: 19 (+1 due to dex)
Staff: 1d8/1d8, THAC0: 20

“I am Lareniel, and I can certainly understand the need to utilize the skill of one of your persuasion (nodding toward Scar). I’m much more of an outdoor’s man myself. I grew up closer to the hills to the west, I’ve found that there’s a lot of good and bad in this world and that if you spend too much time worrying about what’s what, you’ll never get anything done. I will, however, make an exception when it comes to orcs. The only good orc is a dead orc, along with goblins, hobgoblins, etc.. They are not only evil, but seem to delight is destroying the natural order of things. I have no problem with Scar here, I’m not sure I’d call your profession honorable or respectable, but it most certainly useful.”



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