Female Dwarven Cleric


1st level Female Dwarven Cleric

S:15, I: 10: W:17 (2 1st level spells, +2 2nd level spells, +1 3rd level spell), D:14, C:16 (2 HP), Ch:12
Chaotic Good (leaning toward CN)
AC: 5 (Chain, no shield)
HP: 8
2 handed War Hammer: 2d6/1d10, THAC0: 20
Sling: 1d4+1/1d4+1, THAC0: 20

A’m th’ umpteenth daughter o’ Doharn ‘n’ Teqoth. Ah hae a sort o’ bad habit o’ speaking mah mynd, even whin ithers seem tae think ah shouldn’t. Weel, th’ patriarch ‘n’ ah don’t see eye tae eye oan some hings, lik’ mony hings. Ah decided, ‘n’ mah maw ‘n’ da didn’t exactly huv a go tae halt me, that it wid be easier if ah left th’ confines o’ dwarven society. Ah cam doon ‘ere ’n’ hae bin living fur a while. Althoogh ainlie Thor knows how come ah pat up wi’ thae silly folk! ah mean, thay actually hae th’ audacity tae ca’ this stuff ale?!??!? I’d gladly tak’ a chance tae go walk aboot fur a while.

Kordana is just under 4’ tall and weighs around 150. Her most striking feature is, of course, her auburn beard. It is a bit short for a normal dwarf, but is actually typical for females. It hangs down just below her shoulders.

1st: CLW, CLW, Sancutary



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