Session 1: Meet and Greet

Getting the ball rolling

Matt (GM): Possibly, but we digress
So, you all are sitting around the table in the local tavern, having just met recently
Jeff G.: Scar drinks some beer and sings a ditty about killing orcs.
Matt (GM): in general you all stick out from teh locals as being visitors.
There is no problem, as people come through here fairly often
There are probably half a dozen other travellers staying the ngiht in the inn attached to the tavern
At some point in the evening, and local steps over to your table and asks
Local: Are you all adventurers?
Jeff G.: Aside: Did I mention how Scar really hates dumb questions?
Reginald: Why, yes I think you could say we are adventurers. HOw may we help you?
Kodana slowly hangs her head and sighs
Local: Well, my son, Stephen, was walkign with some of his friends in the hills around our place and it seems they found something
James H.: Brother Maynard thinks to himself ‘Locals …’
Local: he described it to me as a hole in the ground with water in it
Jeff G.: Scar is sizing this fellow up as an oportunity for wealth aquisition. Does he look wealthy at all?
Local: while that’s not too unusual, I have a feeling theres more to it than that, since e seemed a bit scared to talk about it
James H.: He found a well?
Matt (GM): He doesn’t look wealthy, but he probably has property and some holdings. Certainly not nodle status
Jeff G.: Scar REALLY wants to know if there is a pocket worth picking here
otherwise he might have to kill him just out of boredom, and that kinda thing tends to upset the locals…
Local: well, it was more of a chamber, and it had 3 doors in it, or so he tells
Jeff G.: He found a root cellar?
James H.: Thaniel: A water filled chamber in a hole in the ground.
Jeff G.: brb, gotta move laundry
Local: His friend fell into the hole and they had to pull him out with a rope
James H.: Thaniel thinks to herself ‘They found a hobbit hole …’
Local: Anyway, I was hoping to find a group of adventurers who might take a look around as see what this place is
James H.: Brother Maynard: Is there anything else you can tell us about this hole?
Did it used to be the site of a home or dwellling?
Local: That’s all i know. If you’d like to talk to my son, you can come by our farm in teh morning and see if he’ll tell you anything more than he told me
James H.: Any local wizards that might have had a hidden alcove to practice their arts?
local: not that we know of. We were quite surprised to hear anything was in that valley
Local: Well, we have had a few wizards go through here, but I don’t know as any of them set up shop in teh area
Jeff G.: Scar thinks he could ask the local guild if they know anything about it… then things again, it might be better if they don’t know anything about it.
Matt (GM): That’s your call. Remember that the Guild get 10% of anything you find with their help
Standard rate
Jeff G.: yeah, that’s why the 2nd thought
James H.: And they probably want 10% of anything you find without their help too
Jeff G.: 10% of anything they know about
anyway, has local guy left yet, or does Scar have to keep fighting down his urges?
Matt (GM): Rigth now he’s still sitting there, but he’s looking uncomfortable and starting to fidgit a bit
he looks like he’s waiting for you all to say something
Jeff G.: Reg: Let my companions and me discuss it, and perhaps we’ll get back to you. How can we find you? and where is this hole?
Local: My anme is Anthony and I have a farm just up in the hills
Jeff G.: Scar is staring straight at local
Local: If you head out of town to teh northwest, you’ll see widow Agnes’ farm o the left hill top
go by that to the right and head out another 3-4 miles
ours is the next farm on teh hilltop to your right. Yellow farmhouse, brown shutters
James H.: Thaniel: We will discuss this amongst ourselves and let you know
Loacl: Do you all think you can check it out for me. I am very curious, but well, crawling around in holes with doors is a bit creepy if you take my meaning
Local: Thank you. i hope to see you all in the morning
Local rises and heads out the door
Jeff G.: Scar: What are we, exterminators or something? Pest controll?
kodana: It’s not like we have a lot else to do in teh town. it’s as exciting as watching moss grow on rocks. I know, ‘cause I’ve had to do that before
Jeff G.: Scar starts to order another beer, then frowns, feels around in his pocket, then says, “It wouldn’t hurt to take a look, I suppose.”
Scar: we shoulda asked him how much he was paying us.
kodana: besides, can you imagine the looks on teh locals faces if we come back and tell tehm a Lich is living in their back yard. Just the reaction might be worth it :)
James H.: Thaniel: We set our price and he can pay it or not
Jeff G.: Scar wonders if there is something worth stealing at this farmhouse
Reg: I’ve been among mortal kind only a short while, but my limited experience has suggested that epic events usually have simple, unremarkable beginnings
Matt (GM): Lareniel: I wouldn’t mind getting out of town and seeing the countryside for a while, i say we go to his house tomorrow adn see what the deal is
Jeff G.: Scar: well, it’s that, or watch the paint peel here.
Matt (GM): Kodana: Again, couldn’t be more boring than sitting in this hell hole and rotting to death doing nothing
kodana motions to the barmaid to bring another ale
James H.: Thaniel: If we can find out what is going on and help out the locals as well, that would be good
Matt (GM): BTW, jim, did you ever figure out your starting spell books?
We should do that before we get started adventuring in earnest
James H.: no haven had a chance to pick out spells yet’t
Jeff G.: Reg: Well, strangely enough, we seem to have consensus here.Brother Maynard, what are your thoughts?
Matt (GM): That needs to happen before we get to the dungeon
James H.: did my character basics this afternoon then been at the makerspace all evening
Matt (GM): That’s fine, i suspect we’ll get to the entrance tonight, but not go in until next week
James H.: Maynard; Getting coin from this endeavor will help pay for the next round of mead
Jeff G.: We have a farmhouse to ransack first! (-:
Scar: We’ll get along, Brother.
kodana *Beeeelch. She nods to teh friar

Matt (GM) The next morning dawns and teh dawn passes, then you all wake up and start dragging yourselves out of bed and into the common room
Jeff G.: You mean we left the common room? (-:
Scar: “Hair of the dog, pleasse”
Matt (GM): Some of you all did, I mean there may be pick pockets floating around and you wouldn’t want to e their mark
James H.: Order breakfast
Jeff G.: You have to have something in your pocket worth picking for that to matter…
Matt (GM): Kodana: So what should we try and take this yokel for?
Jeff G.: Scar: However much he has.
James H.: Thaniel: That depends on what we are facing. Hard t set a price on little information
Jeff G.: Reg: Surely there is more motivation here than just money?
Matt (GM): Kodana: I’m interesting getting out and doing something, but I don’t mind turning a profit along the way. If we’re helpful as well, i can handle that
Jeff G.: I mean, money is shinly and it buys the next drink, but there is something more to it then that?
There is beauty to be seen in this world, else I’ve made a big mistake, and… oh never mind, let’s go take this wretched fool.
Matt (GM): Lareniel: I’m interested in seeing what this thing is. Doors underground sound like more than a commoner should have to deal with
Jeff G.: Scar: A hobbit dug his hole without realizing how high the water table was. That’s all this is, I’ll wager.
Matt (GM): Kodana: Given the hobbits around here, you’re probably right
Kodana: but let’s stretch our legs and head out there
Using his directions, youd guess it would be 5 miles or so to his farmhouse
Jeff G.: Scar: I’ve known some pretty stupid hobbits in my time. ‘Course I’ve known a few dwarves with some loose screws as well.
Matt (GM): Kodana: You can say that again!
That makes it an hour and a half to 2 hour walk
Jeff G.: I’ve never even tried to make any sense of elves before… geggin’ your pardon and all that.
Matt (GM): If you time it right you can arrive a lunch time and get a meal off him
Jeff G.: soundds like a plan
Matt (GM): since you are his invited guests
Jeff G.: Scar: did somebody say lunch?
James H.: Eat breakfast, pay the tab, and head out I guess
Matt (GM): So around 9:30 or so you all get all dressed adn decked out in your adventurer garb and head out to the farmhouse
Jeff G.: Reg, aside to Thaniel: Money and food. Do mortals think about anything else?
Matt (GM): You can wave at the Widow Agnes as you go by
Jeff G.: or not
James H.: Thaniel: They have a limited appreciation of the finer subtleties of life
Matt (GM): An hour or so later you cleearly see the yellow farmhouse with brown shutters off to the right
Jeff G.: Let’s go knock
Matt (GM): As you approach you see the guy out in the field picking peppers from the bushes
He wave to you and gets up to walk your way
Local: : I’m so glad you decided to come out
Come in and lets have a sit down
James H.: Thaniel: It would be remiss of us to not try and help
Jeff G.: (we shoulda picked a negotiator)
Local: My son and the boys should be back down in a little while for lunch
Will you join us at table?
Jeff G.: Scar’s ears perk at the word “lunch”
James H.: Brother Maynard: We would be pleased to dine with you
Local Calls out in a sort of loud voice to the back of the house "Sherry, we got company for lunch, add 6 places round the table
Sherry: Who’d you bring over this time, I’ll have to get Stephen to grab a few chairs from teh deck
Really Authur I wold like more notice….
Sherry waks around the corner and stops short staring at you all
Sherry: I’m sorry, I did not realize you all were here.
James H.: Brother Maynard: Good morrow, madam
Sherry: Authur, may I speak to you in the Kitchen
Jeff G.: Scar, under breath: I thought hisname ws Anthony…
Sherry: Good morrow to you as well good friar. Welcome to our humble home
Matt (GM): (An honest mistake from a sleep GM, it’s the same name, or should be)
Jeff G.: just wondered. Coulda been a sign of something mysterious
Local excuses himself and he and Sherry hear into the back of the house
Matt (GM): Head, not hear
Jeff G.: Scar begins casing the joint
Matt (GM): my fingers are not cooperating now
Jeff G.: know the feeling
Matt (GM): It’s a simple farm house, certaily a few semi-valuable nick knacks sitting around, but far from opulent
James H.: Brother Maynard sidles up next to Scar and in a low voice says: It would be bad business to take from those about to hire us
Matt (GM): 10 minutes later Anthony steps back and asks your pardon for the delay. he invites you to follow him to the dinign room where people are startign to take their seats
All in all there are 15 chairs arond the table
When you get there, ther are still 5 (plus the 6 for you all) charis open
Sitting are young men and women age 15 up to maybe 30
Jeff G.: Reg: We seem to be crashing a party!
Matt (GM): more drift in over the next 2-3 minutes
Local: Not at all, these are my children and helpers
James H.: Brother Maynard thinks ‘This is a large family’
Local: Well, seth and hazel here just help out with the farm work,
Matt (GM): Maxine, Stephen, Donald, Frothel, and Jynth and my kids and their wifes Martha and betty
And then there’s ma and pa
(that shold be “ARE my kids”, not"and my kids"
stupid fingers
It’s anug fit to get everyone around the table
Jeff G.: Reg stands and gives a formal elven greeting
Matt (GM): The meal is a nice one, but not at all fancy
Cheese, salad, vegetables, mead, bread and honey
Everyone, other than kodana, stops and give Reg their attention
James H.: Brother Maynard is very interested in the mead and is willing to talk with anyone who will listen about it
Matt (GM): Themeal starts ans there is a lot of takl about the corps and peope asking for news of goinogs on around the area of you all
45 minutes later, most of the dishes are clean (well empty anyway)
As people start to clean the table, Anthony call out to Stephen and calls him over to meet you all
Jeff G.: Scar thinks if nothing else comes from this, at least he got a good meal
Matt (GM): a dialog ensues and you all find out that he knows very little about the hole
It is about 40 feet down to the water and the cave is pretty big
The water is maybe waist deep and there is a little landing toward one end
James H.: what are the three doors made of?
Matt (GM): on the landing there are 3 doors, but it was pretty dark and that’s all they saw
Looked like wood on a stone wall
but we didnt really get close enough to make sure
James H.: Any distinguishing features of the doors? knockers or ornamentation or the like?
Anthony: So are you all willing to check this place out?
Matt (GM): They had metal knobs on them, no I didn’t see any knockers
Anthony: I figure there is a finders fee if you all find anything of value, normally 10%, but since your doing us a favor, i’d only like maybe half that to show you the location
James H.: OOC: And our fee will be …?
Jeff G.: Scar chokes on his mead
Anthony: I’m sorry, i thought that’s how this worked. i show you all a place to potentially find valuables, and you all give me a cut? Did I make a mistake?
Matt (GM): I’ll be ahppy to look elsewhere if you don’t like the terms, I bet someone is looking for a little adventure
Jeff G.: It sounded to us like you wanted us to take care of a potential problem for you
Matt (GM): No, I don’t see it as a problem. We’ve been here for 50 years and never even knew it was there, I thought it might be a chance for you all to find stuff and in the process give me a cut. i thought it would be a win-win for us both. i guess i was mistaken. I’m sorry to have wasted your time
Jeff G.: We go down and risk our lives… and you deserve a cut how?
Matt (GM): To show you where to go down into. It’s worth nothing to you if you do’t know where to go
Like I said, I’m sorry to have wasted your time. I suspect someone will be willing to explore that cave
i jsut asumed you all knew how the system worked. I show you a chance to make money and in return i get a cut.
James H.: Thaniel: So are you asking us to help you with this hole in the ground because you think it is a danger, or because you think it might be worth something to you?
Matt (GM): But I can see Ierred.
You’re not really helping me, other than potentially getting me some income, the hole is not a problem for me, unless my son decided to go back on his own and check it out
other than that I don’t feel at all threatened by it
James H.: When you presented your proposition last night we understood it that you needed help.
Matt (GM): I was looking to make a business deal to mke us both money. So what would it take for me to hire you to retrieve the contents of this hole for me?
James H.: If you are simply after a profit then I’m sure we can work out some arrangement
Matt (GM): If you’d rather handle it that way I suspect we can come to an arrangement
I’m only sking for 5%, i thought that was reasonable
I fully understand you all are doing the dirty work and risking your lives
but, isn’t that what adventurers do? You did say you were adventurers, didn’t you?
Jeff G.: Reg thinks: 5% is not that much. Scar thinks: show us where the hole is and we won’t kill you. Neither is sure how the rest of the party would react.
James H.: Thaniel: 5% would not be unreasonable.
Matt (GM): Lareniel: Sir, may we have a few moments to discuss this amoung ourselves?
Lareniel: I think we can come to an agreement, but we’d like a bit of time

Matt (GM) Lareniel looks at the otehrs for confirmation
James H.: Maynard and Thaniel nod in agreement
Jeff G.: Reg nods
Scar fingers his dagger
Anthony: I’ll be happy to give you time. I’ll be back inteh dining room when you would like to talk further
Jeff G.: Scar: We’re not really gong to pay this guy for the privilege of cleaning out his hole???
James H.: Brother Maynard: If they have been here for 50 years or so and not even none of the existence of the hole then there is most likely nothing there, and probably of little value if there is
known, not none
Matt (GM): BTW, we’re approaching midnight real time, so we need to wrap this up shortly for the evening. We can certainly rejoin the conversation in progress next week
Jeff G.: Scar: If that’s the case, then why should we bother?
Reg: We do it for the thrill, old boy. What other reason is ther to do anything?
James H.: Brother Maynard: The rest of you were complaining last night that the tavern was boring and you wanted something to do…
Matt (GM): Kodana: can we ask him to guarenty a miminum profit on our part for the trouble?
Offer him the 5%, but he promises to make it worth at least 100 sp each or something?
James H.: Thaniel: say, we get 100 sp and he gets a cut of anything above that?
Matt (GM): Lareniel: we are adventurers and we might well gain some experience in this hole, that in itself is worth something
Jeff G.: Scar: And if we find absolutley nothing?
Matt (GM): Kodana, then he pays us each 100 sp
James H.: Then you’ve at least had a good meal and some fine mead
Jeff G.: Reg: Come now, it’s the looking, not the finding, that is truly important.
Matt (GM): Lareniel: In the end, I think I’d like to look around and “adventure”, maybe the 5% is nto too bad. Do you think he’d show us for 3%?
James H.: Thaniel: It may be nothing. It may be riches beyond your wildest dreams. You will never know unless you go see for st dreams, you wouldn’t want to miss your opportunity and let it slip from your hands into someone else’s would you?yourself. And if it is riches beyond your wilde
Jeff G.: Reg: Tell you what, Scar, if you feel that strongly about it, then maybe you can pick up the next round for us back at the tavern- if your purse isn’t empty, that is.
James H.: It may be nothing. It may be riches beyond your wildest dreams. You will never know unless you go see for yourself. And if it is riches beyond your wildest dreams, you wouldn’t want to miss your opportunity and let it slip from your hands into someone else’s would you?
Jeff G.: Scar: eityher Thaniel is repeating herself or that’s really good mead!
Matt (GM): Kodana: let’s offer him 5% of all teh cash we find down there. If we find items then they are ours free adn clear, we only split the cash
James H.: (Just trying to format it better for clarity)
Brother Maynard: Sounds fair enough, Kodana
Matt (GM): Kodana: otehrwise we have to get stuff appraised and maybe sell something we’d rather keep
Jeff G.: Scar: Wait, if we do this we’re going to at least insist on the guaranteed profit right? 100 sp each?
Matt (GM): Lareniel: I don’t mind asking that, but in the end, I’ll do it without the guarenty
James H.: If we don’t find enough in the hole to cover that amount, yes, we ask for 100 sp each as a guarantee
Jeff G.: Scar: Fine, I must be crazy, but I’m in.
Matt (GM): (Fast forward to talking to Anthony, is that OK?)
James H.: Anthony would probably balk at having to cover six month’s salary just to have the hole end up being empty
sure, let’s fast forward
Anthony: I can certainly understand you point, but the reason i’m interested is I don’t have a large supply of cash. I can promise you 100 sp TOTAL, but not each
Matt (GM): but I get the 5% coinage in the larger denominatons, not all in copper that you all don’t want
and gems and jewels are considered cash for the 5%?
Jeff G.: Scar, thinking to himself, a knife in the kidney would be so simple…
James H.: OOC: Such a violent little hobbit …
OOC: I’m willing to consider the gems and jewels value as part of his 5%
Anthony: or Ican take 5% of the coinage, nothing else, and no guarenty
Jeff G.: SCar OOC, Agree to whatever, then just steal it all from him when this is over.
James H.: OOC: Are we willing to do this for his terms of 5%, nothing else and no guarantee?
OOC: At thi s point I’d say take it
Jeff G.: I’m falling asleep
Matt (GM): My two are fine with that version. If we find even one gem we’re probbly ahead under this system
Let’s hold it just short of making the deal, and we’ll start witht he agreement and then pop to the dungeon entrance next week



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