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Nestled in the foothills of the Great Barrier Mountains, lies the town of Plimdoc. It is an average town of some 2000 people, mostly human, but with a decent population of hobbits (they live on the western side of town where the hills are more pronounced). The hills rise several hundred feet and mountain peaks well over 5000 feet tall can be seen from the center of town. On an especially clear day one can even spot Mt Gromged in the far distance. Hard to believe its summit is over 20,000 feet tall from here.
On the southeast side of town is Lake Plimdoc. The lake was formed by the damming of the river. The lake is not that big or deep, but it does have a goodly number of fish in it and it is VERY clear and the water is cold.
The country side is dotted with small villages (100-300 people) and even many small clumps of people living and farming as best they can. The land is quite fertile and during the spring and summer (and into the Fall) there is plenty of grain, hay, and fruit produced. Within 25 miles of Plimdoc, there are probably 1000 head of cattle and twice that many swine. The village of Bludek specializes in raising turkeys.
Plimdoc is located at the fork between the Prappos and Pridit rivers. There is frequent trade with the dwarves up in the mountains. They harvest ice flows from the mountains and float them down river for the village and the villager send fruit and meat (and some vegetables) up to the dwarves.
Full elves are a bit rare in the area, but are most welcome. There are, of course, a decent collection of half-elves in town.
A few hundred miles downstream it the major city of Brambak. Brambak is a commerce center of the region and the seat of the Imperial Court. They pay well in manufactured goods (shoes, books, wagons, etc.) for the agricultural goods Plimdoc sends them.


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